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The Digital Divide (Social Informatics Group 2)




Welcome group members!


Click here to work on rewording the discussion questions! -Maggie, 6/21/2011


Just a reminder: each of us has to submit a journal entry about our group project next week when we submit the presentation. Check your syllabus for details! -Maggie, 6/15/2011


I made a page to discuss videos and articles for the presentation and discussion. Click here to get started! -Maggie, 6/15/2011 


I made a page for each group member and gave it a basic template for organizing your research and thoughts, but you can reorganize your page any way you want. (You'll see that I already broke things down a little further on my page.) We can leave messages for each other here as well. In fact, please feel free to edit this or any other page at any time! -Maggie, 6/7/2011


Project Description

From eCollege, under Syllabus: "Group Project (20 points): The group projects are situated towards the end of the semester.  Basically they will be straightforward presentations of information on the assigned topic.  Most of the time students create wikis or websites and put the information into those place and I embed the link into our course.  You will also be required to pick readings and videos for your respective unit.  These will be submitted to me for approval.  You will also be responsible for writing the discussion questions or creating a class activity for that week.  Samples are found in the unit titled 'The hall of inspiration.'"


Next Meeting

We have no more meetings scheduled. Be sure to send an email to the rest of us if you have any problems or questions or think of something else we should address! -Maggie, 6/21/2011


Meeting Minutes

First Chat: 6-6-11 

Second Chat: 6-9-11 (Apparently we can’t save the whole chat if we go past a certain saved file size! Here’s at least the bulk of it.)

Third Chat: 6-15-11

Fourth Chat: 6-21-11


Group Members (click on name to go to page)







Group Diigo Account


Here's the group diigo we discussed; please feel free to use it for non-scholarly materials or open access scholarly materials related to your digital divide sub-topic.


Wordpress Site


This site is just for our consideration; wasn't sure exactly the page titles, navigation or other organization we wanted so I just put together a simple template. For administrative privileges: if you already have a Wordpress account, please send me your user email address. If you do not have an account, please sign up for one and send me the email address you used to sign up. - Rebecca


Resources for using PBWorks

PBWorks Help Page

PBWorks Support Center




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